Lotte World Tower

I never thought that we would go to South Korea for the purpose of conquest of skyscrapers. But recent results of monitoring of construction of skyscrapers have shown that the highest building of Lotte World Tower on the Korean peninsula which is already built in full height of 555 meters, and cranes are not removed yet because of the roofing works are conducted.

Without any doubts, we bought tickets through our regular sponsor which name is and went to one of the most modern and developed countries – South Korea. After visiting of this place we have absolutely positive impressions, but this post is not about it. The main goal of our trip was a tower, and when we had arrived in Seoul we have been ready to climb to more than hundred floors.

After the publication of a photo from the top of this building in Instagram, a lot of people began to ask us about our managing of the way to inside, because there were tens of perimeters, fighting drones, clusters of chambers on columns and vigilant employees with guard dogs there. And all of these traps are almost real. At first we thought that we had no chance to wrap that system around our fingers … But in any one, even in ideal, there are gaps. How was it in actual fact, you can look in our new video. Check it out!

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