We have now returned from our trip around South America. It took us a month to visit numerous sights in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. What is a month for seeing South America? Just nothing. We were able to visit only the central and southern parts of the continent, having left the north for the future. My advice to you is: when planning a trip to South America, plan as much time as you can afford for the trip.

It so happened that our trip can be divided into two parts: the urban and the natural part. This post will be only about our urban experience, our photos from Brazil. It makes sense to roof in South America only in Brazil. As to the other countries, they are fit for the fans of the jungle, deserts, rocks, and mountains.


Christ the Redeemer

It was in summer. We were in journey around South America. We started from Rio de Janeiro. And we climbed on famous Christ of Redeemer – one of New7Wonders of the World!

How we did it? You check in this video!


Shenzhen Finance Centre

Hi guys!

Recently we’ve had no time to post things and stories neither to the website nor to our blogs. Not because we forgot about them, but because we are constantly coming up with new projects. Today I’d like to show you our new video from China. Yes, it’s China once again. And yes, ironically enough it’s once again the tallest building in the world.

For more than a year ago we’ve climbed Shanghai Tower certainly not expecting the resonance and the amount of feedback we’ve got. And so, that amount of feedback led us to an idea of making a tradition of roof toping new skyscrapers all around the world. Today’s hero of attention is a new financial center still under construction and is situated in Shenzhen, China. Right now its height is about 660 meters and that makes it the second tallest tower in the world. Right after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.



Japan is probably the most difficult and the most boring place for roofing. We spent two weeks in Japan visiting Tokyo and Osaka. Getting on tall buildings’ roofs in Japan is a sort of mission impossible. Because of the high suicide rates – jumping off roof is a good way to meet one’s maker, the Japanese go extra mile to restrict access to roofs. Yet, we managed to take some shots from the heights. The most interesting sight was the Akashi Kaikyo bridge, which is the tallest and the longest suspension bridge in the world. Behind the link, there are plenty of photos from the Land of the Rising Sun.


Chicago / California

We left behind New York, the main destination of our trip to the USA. Then we went to Chicago, where we planned to stay only for 3 days. Chicago welcomed us with wide streets free from advertising and garbage and with good architecture. Compared with New York, Chicago didn’t look crowded, although this is the third city in the country for its population. One can walk and see the entire centre of Chicago, the Chicago Loop, where all the towers are located, within several hours, so we never took any public transport, except for the taxi drive from and to the airport.
Perhaps, we could have stayed there longer than 3 days, as we didn’t have time for all the sights; yet 3 days were enough for our purpose.


New York City

To travel to the United States of America was like a dream for us. Having traveled across Asia and visited China and the United Arab Emirates several times, we looked forward to going to the US, at least just for the fact that the first skyscrapers were built there. Getting visas was the most challenging thing to do for the trip, as it is rather difficult for Russian and Ukrainian citizens. In the fall, after obtaining the precious and longed-for visas, we began to plan the trip.
We spent almost a month traveling, and the first stop was naturally New York City. NYC is the biggest and most interesting city in US. We assigned a week and a half for it, which turned out to be quite enough.


What’s up Hong Kong?

During our last visit in Hong Kong, not only did we take a lot of awesome pictures, but we also made a video which was shot a few hours before our flight to Tokyo. The venue is the very heart of Hong Kong, a skyscraper with a huge billboard.

It was a real teamwork this once. Thanks to the guys: Nikolai Zheludovich (Vimeo), Arseni Khachaturan and Lau Fat Hing Hercules. We wouldn’t have had this without them.

Guangzhou / Shanghai

After Hong Kong, we made for to Shanghai. Chose to go by land. On the way over, we decided to stay for a couple of days in Guangzhou – Hong Kong’s neighbour city. Below, there are a few words about what we could see there.

We got to Guangzhou from Hong Kong by train. Once we crossed the border between Hong Kong and China, many things changed. My first impression was that we arrived to a godforsaken provincial town. Almost all English signboards disappeared, Chinese people passing by were wearing simple, dull, wishy-washy kind of clothes. The train station we arrived to was crowded and very dirty. We were about to quest the hotel which would turn out quite a challenge.



Sullen faces, crowded subways, traffic jams, and bums at train stations: these are first things that come to my mind when talking about Moscow. Overpopulated city, full of life. When you get to Moscow it feels like you are dipped into a river stream, which flows you somewhere far away. I couldn’t even imagine that Moscow (and the entire Russia) after our trip to Cairo will seem like paradise.

Are you fed up with your daily routine? Are you sick of what surrounds you every day? Do you want any new experiences and new impressions? Our travel agency offers an easy way out of depression – a 3-day trip to Cairo.

In this post I will tell you how you can relax in Cairo in an extraordinary way and how you can try to climb the Pyramids twice but succeed once and so one.


Hong Kong

During the last one and a half years, we have visited Hong Kong several times. We have been to so many places and now I have to admit that Hong Kong is a place where I would like to live. A year and a half ago, after visiting Singapore, I assumed that it was the real paradise, but I was mistaking.

Hong Kong is an unbelievably beautiful city and it makes you willing to come back. People there are kind and responsive. You feel respected no matter if you are local or a foreigner. Moreover, the main thing for me is that I never get bored there. The rhythm of life is comparable to Moscow. However, unlike Moscow, Hong Kong only retained the best of it.

In this post, you can find photographs from five different trips. Here we have tried to place only the best shots.