Are you ready for more?

Get ready for vertigo!

Introducing a new co-project by Converse and OnTheRoof.

We climbed one of the Moscow City (Moscow International Business Center) towers to see the city from a new level. In our project, you can go to the roof with us, using the interactive features in the video. Follow the link to start a 75-floor quest:

This is the first project when we had to record a vertical video and find a smart way to fasten action cameras to our heads and hands. The reason is, the website is primarily made for mobile devices, so it’s best to watch it on the phone having fast Internet.

It was filmed in the Mercury tower. It’s 306 metres (1004 feet) tall. There are commercial video displays on the top floors, showing ads to the whole Moscow. At one point, we changed the commercials to our own video featuring the Converse and OnTheRoofs logos. We’ve done something like that only once – in Hong Kong.

You can also find some backstage photos below.