New York City

To travel to the United States of America was like a dream for us. Having traveled across Asia and visited China and the United Arab Emirates several times, we looked forward to going to the US, at least just for the fact that the first skyscrapers were built there. Getting visas was the most challenging thing to do for the trip, as it is rather difficult for Russian and Ukrainian citizens. In the fall, after obtaining the precious and longed-for visas, we began to plan the trip.
We spent almost a month traveling, and the first stop was naturally New York City. NYC is the biggest and most interesting city in US. We assigned a week and a half for it, which turned out to be quite enough.

On the very first day after we arrived, we managed to find the locals who climb the skyscrapers’ tops, just as we do. To our surprise, we met 15-17 year- old guys, who had been climbing the NYC roofs since recently. We climbed with them just for a couple of days, and then we decided to go on our own.
The point is that all the local roof-climbers follow each other’s steps: if we look at their Instagram profiles, we’ll see the same roofs, on which they walk for months to take the same pictures featuring their feet. 
In short, we’ll show such views and such attitudes which you will hardly see elsewhere. Let’s go.

The grid of New York streets and avenues produced a strong impression on us. Nearly all the cities of the USA were designed this way. Some streets are incredibly long, which allows us to take such cool pictures. Madison Avenue is in this photo, it’s 10 kilometers long, it starts in the center of Manhattan and ends in the River Harlem.  

In this picture, you can see the famous Harlem. It has earned the fame of the most criminal and dangerous district of New York. So it was in the 90ies and in the early 2000ies. We aren’t sure what it’s like now, as we tried not to go beyond Brooklyn and Manhattan. :)

New York is the largest city in the USA, forming one of the largest agglomerations of the world. The city’s population is 8,405,837, and that of the agglomeration is 23.9 million. New York is situated on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in the southeastern part of the New York State. The city was founded at the beginning of the 17th century by Dutch colonists. Before 1664, its name was New Amsterdam.
New York can boast of some of the most expensive real estates in the world. The hostel prices generally begin with 1000 rubles per day.  We were lucky. We had learnt about people from Russia and Belarus from our friends: these people had lived in the States for years, and they agreed to host us.

Lower Manhattan and the famous Wall Street.

This is an interchange in the area of the Brooklyn Bridge. Another feature of America is its love for huge interchanges, like in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles.

This is Central Park in Manhattan. The park is about 4 kilometers long and about 800 meters wide. 

About 25 million people visit the park every day. It’s the most visited park of the USA, and its appearance in many films and television shows made the park one of the most famous parks in the world. 

Freedom Tower is the tallest structure in the USA, with its height of 546 meters. The tower was built on the site of the famous Twin Towers, destroyed during the terrorist act of 11 September, 2001.
After the story with two basers, who jumped from the top floors of a tower under construction, and the incident with a teenager from New Jersey, who was able to trespass and climb the needle of the tower at the final stage of construction, the authorities started to guard the tower seriously. Now the tower has been completed, and it is impossible to get there. We have been unable even to get into the building. 

Bird Vladislav from anywayanyday our talisman in this trip.

The Woolworth Building is one of the first and most beautiful skyscrapers of New York. Its height is 241 meters. The building was built in 1913 in the neo-Gothic style.  

This is one of the most interesting buildings we climbed in NYC. To our surprise, the top 30 floors of the building are being reconstructed; so we climbed the very top without facing any difficulties as guards or locked doors. 

This is a view of Upper Manhattan.

This is the building of the New York City Hall, and we climbed it, too! 

The situation with the roofs in New York is just the same as in Hong Kong, except one thing: the security guys look into their surveillance cameras.

We’d like to say that Huawei provided Vadim and myself with its flagship smartphone Ascend P7

In this post, we’ll tell you about the 13-megapixel smartphone camera, which impressed me most by the number of functions.

Besides, the 8-megapixel front-facing camera provides a very high quality of the picture. I’ve held many phones in my hands, but this one is definitely the Selfie King. 

A photo taken with the smartphone’s camera in the smart photo mode looks quite good. The software itself selects the right exposure and allows the user to make the picture not over lit. 

The Statue of Liberty.

This is Vadim, and this is the Flatiron Building, known to many as the Daily Bugle Building, where Peter Parker worked, the main character of the Spiderman trilogy. 

This is St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a catholic cathedral in New York, an outstanding memorial of the neo-Gothic architecture. 

Tourists from all over the world go to the USA to visit the most exciting and unique sights of the country. The Times Square in New York, situated in downtown Manhattan, is one of them. Since its foundation, it has been one of the most popular and highly visited places in the city. It received its name in 1904, when the world-famous New York Times newspaper moved to one of the buildings there. The Times Square is also named the Great White Way and the Crossroads of the World. It truly deserves the title of one of the best known symbols of both New York and of the entire USA.

One of the interesting things about the square is that, despite the enormous number of tourists from all over the planet, the local television channels arrange live shows right from the center of the square. That looks quite cool. 

One evening, we decided to visit the public observation site in the Rockefeller Center. 

The entrance here costs about 30 dollars, and it opens up some of the best views of Manhattan. It’s a must-see. 

There is an observation site on top of the Empire State Building, and we decided not to go there, as the views from there are the same as from the Rockfeller Center, and it is not really cool to look at the city through a hole in a wire net. 

The Brooklyn Bridge. Because of the marked attention of the authorities to this bridge, we decided not to climb it. 

In spite of the great risk, we did climb the Manhattan Bridge. 

That was the end of our New York trip, and we left for Chicago.

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